This is me.





Role: Photographer
Loves: Cats, Samoyeds, Christmas, Traveling & Weird People, Meetings over coffee
Dislikes: Being cold

Over the past couple of years, I've had the amazing opportunity to nurture my love for photography. What started out as a simple love for taking pictures of my friends became something so much bigger than I ever expected. It brings me such joy to capture amazing moments and memories of so many beautiful people. I truly love seeing how happy and how good my photos make other people feel and I hope I can translate that passion through my work.

Facts about Julie:

From Waterloo, Ontario and I've lived there for more than half of my life.

Huge nerd. That might even be putting it lightly.

Hopes to one day own a Samoyed.

Actually allergic to cats but that has never stopped me. 

Wants to travel the world and record everyday through photos.

Blessed to have found something I love doing.

Once dreamed of being an animator.

Watched How I Met Your Mother to completion way too many times.

Born in the year of the Monkey

Wishes to be taller because I'm really short.

Proud Ravenclaw.